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    We will hold the drawing on June 30th, 2015 during a special live online presentation from Neale. (The winner will also receive a separate email notice...so don’t worry if you can’t be on the “live” call. This is not a “you must be present to win” drawing!)

    During his live presentation
    Neale will personally lead you
    through the most important messages in this new book – including those he believes have the most relevance to the CWG audience.

    Neale will also open the mike to everyone, allowing you to ask any question, regarding the topic at hand or about any aspect of CWG that you’ve always wanted to ask about.

    This is an invitation-only online presentation, available just
    to those who have participated
    in this share the message campaign.
    "Forget" Your Book

    After you receive your order from Amazon or Barnes and Noble, be as imaginative as you can be, and find a good place or places
    to "forget" your book(s).

    This could be any public location where large numbers of people routinely congregate.
    Someone is sure to come across the book you “accidentally” forgot to take with you, and will then encounter a provocative back cover which will lead them to at least open the book to see what it is all about.

    Once inside this text, they will encounter an igniting narrative that could set on fire anyone who has grown stagnant in their spiritual life.

    And if people all over the world
    made this same discovery during the same week in the same way, the “domino effect” could be amazing.

...more from Neale

Now I know that all of this might sound like a sales pitch, but I want you to know that’s because I’m working hard to bring the awareness of God’s message to as many people as possible as fast as I can, and I’ll frankly use any means at my disposal to get people to help me. Especially CWG readers, who already know how life-changing these messages can be.

So yes, I will definitely do it if adding some incentives will encourage others who have received wonderful benefit from CWG to “pay it forward” and pass its message along. If incentives are one of the ways to get some “traction,” I’m in!

Finally, let me say that the income that is produced by the sale of GOD’S MESSAGE TO THE WORLD: You’ve Got Me All Wrong through this campaign goes right back into funding the projects, facilities, and activities that are focused on sharing CWG with people everywhere. I’ve made it my life mission to take these messages as far as they will go, and I can tell you that my energies and resources are always focused on that outcome.

I hope you can feel good about joining the team and partnering with me in this effort, particularly this week in our campaign to “spread the word” by obtaining and leaving copies of this new CWG book everywhere! Imagine if this spiritually revolutionary book just started popping up everywhere all over the world, thanks to you, our under-the-radar “global distribution team”... Our Stealth Spiritual Messenger!

If you are ready to join this campaign, click on one of the following links: 

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Thanks for doing what you can do. You inspire me!